Sharon Oliver is the Founder and Publisher of one of Richmond’s publications, CEO Magazine.   She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has launched several successful businesses. Sharon is the co-owner of a child care development facility, an after school program and child care referral services.  She serves as a design consultant for start-up businesses, helping them turn their space into a beautiful professional environment. Sharon is passionate about empowering women to take their ideas and turn them into profit.

Sharon is passionate about giving back.   Through her businesses, she has created dozens of jobs.  Also, she volunteers her time to the AIDS Foundation.

Sharon Oliver believes that self-belief, hard work and engaging community are the ingredients to being successful in business owner and entrepreneur.

When Sharon is not volunteering, managing her businesses or providing creative direction for her magazine, she is spending time with her family. Sharon has three children, Braxton, Robert Junior “R.J,” and Lauren.    They reside in the Henrico County, Virginia.