Loss Our Baby — But Not Our Praise

On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, Damarqio K. Williams and his wife, La’Nyce Shanee Williams found their first born son, JUDAH Andrew Williams unresponsive due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. He was affectionately called “Baby Judah” or Baby Praise.

11081362_10206582808233610_8428829969451135855_n“He was a true blessing to everyone he came in contact with and filled our hearts with so much joy. He is already missed and will never be forgotten. As my wife and I go through this difficult transition, we yet understand the significance of his name and purpose. Judah means praise and was the first tribe sent up first. So we understand that we must always “Send Praises First” — despite what circumstances we face in life. Judah has won lost souls to Christ, brought families back together, and reminded us all to send up praises first and allow God to pour down blessings.” Damarqio