In today’s fast-paced society, we are accustomed to experiencing high tech music, video images, and graphics in our daily lives, whether from television, magazines, or social media.  However, churches sometimes struggle with striking a balance between the sacred and technology, the hymnal and on-screen lyrics. This book of Tips will help any Creative Worship Team grow where they’re planted. If your church is small with a limited budget, there are ways to enhance the worship experience without breaking the bank. If your church is more established with thousands of members, there are ways to refresh your experience without starting from scratch. These practical Tips will help you assess your team and determine areas of growth by addressing questions like:

·      How does the Music Team communicate with the Media Team?quita

·      How do you know when your lighting is too dark?

·      What are some cost-effective ways for creating a set for the stage?

·      Is streaming a worship service over the Internet really necessary?

·      How do we find, train, and maintain quality volunteers?

Are you ready to take your Creative Worship Team to the next level?  Your Tips are just pages away!

Chiquita Lockley has spent the last 15+ years working in Faith-based television and media. Combining her passion for creating engaging Worship environments with her educational background in film, she has penned this book of Tips to help churches recognize areas of growth and work towards developing dynamic Worship departments.

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