Twin Powerhouses Marla and Marcia Pruitte are thought leaders in transformational thinking, and together as motivational speakers and dream architects, are a dynamic force, igniting change in audiences across the world. The Pruitte Twins are experts at helping others produce result-driven lives by engaging and motivating them to go from dreaming to living on purpose. Their signatures programs help people “Get Their I.T. Together™” to create “unrecognizable lives”. The Twins love to influence others and leave a lasting impact in their lives. Because of this passion, they were led to found their women empowerment series, “Cupcakes & Conversations: Ladies Night Out of Empowerment” where they serve women in cities across the country motivating and initiating mindset and lifestyle changes.

The Pruitte Twins’ high energy is felt the moment they enter a room; their mere presence creates a synergy that ignites a contagious fervor for personal and professional development. Their keynotes are candid, transparent, and their passion builds momentum which translates to a call-to-action for audiences to dispel self-defeating mindsets.

They are sought after speakers and have been featured at various conferences and workshops. They have also been featured on Fox6, ABC 33/40, NBC13, The Joe Lockett Radio Show, Conversation Café Radio Show and various online blogs and articles.