Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 7:30 pm EST – Shequita Lee, Social Media Coach, Speaker & Award Winning Author

Shequita Lee is a self –described Social Media Fanatic. She started on social media in 2009, like most people she was intrigued. In 2013 she used social media to grow her small business and team. Since then she has been teaching & coaching Emerging Authors and Solopreneurs with using Social Media to grow their business.

She is a Co-Author in the #1 Best-Seller Chocolate & Diamonds for The Woman’s Soul, an anthology from numerous writers who share life stories that are near and dear to their heart. Her newest co-authored book Women Innovators – Leaders, Makers & Givers Volume 3 – which she writes about how to get UnStuck, to Step Out The Box and Move Forward into a new world of Social Media. As well as her indie published inspirational book called Relax, Unwind & Soar in 22 Days.

You can catch Shequita on several platforms, sharing strategies that many entrepreneurs & authors have struggled with in navigating through Social Media.