Majeeda Bey is a native of Richmond, VA and a 2006 Virginia Tech graduate from the Charles E. Via Jr. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Upon graduating she began her career with a Concrete Construction company, where she has developed into a successful project manager over her almost nine year tenure. Over that time, she was challenged by various personal financial challenges due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about how to handle her finances, so she saw it as an opportunity to become more educated about money and how to get it to work better for her.

Originally starting off as a client of the company, she began learning a lot of the fundamental principles to help her move in the right direction financially. Majeeda was thoroughly intrigued by the information she was learning that she was later offered the opportunity to work with her advisor and became an associate of the company. As she successfully started applying and implementing the wealth principles that she learned, she was not only able to improve her own life but also positively impact the lives of others.

Majeeda is an advocate of developing a strong financial foundation and practicing wealth principles, which anyone can learn, to set a better sail and overcome many of the financial challenges faced by so many people. Her passion for moving people towards financial independence is what motivates her to share the lessons she’s learned with others. Her expectation is that they too will apply these timeless principles to better themselves and improve their economic conditions.