Lisa N. Alexander aka The Marketing Stylist® styles and consults entrepreneurs and small business for their big red carpet marketing events!

When you first hear the word stylist you may think of someone who works with hair; people who work magic with lisachairseparatedcolors, chemicals, flat irons, scissors and holding spray. The word stylist is defined as a person who designs, creates, or advises, on current styles.

Exceptional stylists know all the tricks of the trade. Not only do they stay on top of current trends but they stay ahead of them and even create a few. Stylists to the stars know how to create the WOW factor for their clients. They make beauty look effortless even though hair and makeup alone can take hours to complete.

Experienced stylist know how to advise their clients to make certain that they look their absolute best for their red carpet events.

As a marketing stylist, I plan and strategize, I consult, I coach and I train businesses on how to put their best face forward for their red carpet events.