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Faith, Vision, Passion, Authenticity and Empowerment are a few of many traits that embody the ministry of Lady Laurona Phelps.

Relying fully on the Holy Spirit to equip her to speak into the life of today’s woman, she holds nothing back and 10256742_963604293657458_1408726556326886808_otackles the real issues that plague and cripple women from progressing.

Lady Phelps is blessed with a keen sense of beauty and fashion which is used as a segway to reach the lives of women that are broken and hiding behind Lipstick and Labels.  She has a sincere desire to not only speak encouragement but live encouragement through transparency and remaining true to her testimony.

Laurona Phelps; the Lady, is a powerhouse full of Vision and Godly Influence that inspires the Now Generation to Act.  Gracefully emerging to her tailor made platform, following are a few ministries and businesses she has established as a capable Leader and Entrepreneur:

  • Boss CHRISTIAN Chic Inc.- It’s more than a business; it’s a movement that encourages women to tap into the various streams of wealth that have been released to those who are focused and driven to pursue after it.  Deuteronomy 8:18 informs us that it is He who gives us the power to create wealth.  Salvation doesn’t strip you from your Mogul status; it enlightens the path and ignites the purpose to walk in financial freedom as only daughters of The King can.
  • M.A.G.G. – Mothers Against Guns & Gangs: A service of love to bridge the gap for families who have lost a child to gun or gang activity. Oftentimes, families are not supported after the memorial service of their loved one.  M.A.G.G. commits to forming a supportive bond with the family of the deceased, to be a listening ear and offer a loving hand to assist emotionally through the court proceedings from beginning to end.  Our desire is that once families begin to heal, they will in turn provide supportive services to other families suffering similar loss.

Laurona’s most recent accomplishment is that of an Author.  When God informs you of the unthinkable, then confirms it with a reassurance that His plan is much greater than your present condition; at that moment Divine Purpose is established.  In the fall of 2013, Lady Phelps laid to rest her first born Son.  What some may have considered an unforgettable, paralyzing moment; in turn became the fertilizer that cultivated her dreams and ambitions that were dormant.  After a period of grieving the loss, a tenacious spirit burst forth with the strength and clarity she needed to respond to God’s reassurance.   Thus, in spring of 2015, Lady Laurona debuts her first book titled “From Pain to Purpose”.

There is much to be stated about this woman; however the paramount mission of L.Phelps Ministries is to minister a relevant word to the whole woman and to remind us that regardless of our current state, The Master has need of us.

Lady Laurona Phelps serves in ministry alongside her loving husband Bishop Eusebio Phelps Sr., Pastor of New Faith Christian Church in Atlanta, GA.