Heyyyyy there…..

I’m Kim George aka YourChicGeek + techie fanatic. I am passionate about making tech and digital marketing easier to for small businesses for growth and client attraction. Since 2009, I’ve been building blogs + websites, and learning all about how to get setup on the internet.

Prior to learning how to build websites and all that goodness, I worked as a computer consultant helping small businesses with their technical challenges. And before that…I graduated from Southern University A& M College with a Master’s Degree in Comp Sci. Here’s the deal, tech and digital marketing can be challenging! It takes time + most importantly….patience to get the hang of things. But that is what I am here to help you DO.

If you are a startup, run a traditional brick and mortar business or run a small business with 10 or less employees that is ready to start building a digital space for your small biz on the web, you’ve come to the right place.

In my online store, I’m offering workshops, mini courses, + other DIY materials to help you get your small business setup online.