James Edwards is a nationally recognized motivational speaker who uses his life experiences and challenges to be the catalyst to transform the lives of others. He is the CEO of Motivating Minds to Create, Inc. founded in August of 2011.

The vision of the company is to impact the lives of people across the world to produce their full potential, pursue their purpose & passion before pursuing a paycheck.

From a street pharmaceutical sales agent (drug dealer) to becoming a successful Marketing Executive Representative for River Crossing Pharmacy, James Edwards is the first client of Motivating Minds to create. He is the MOST VALUABLE MOTIVATOR! He speaks regularly at high schools, colleges, churches, civic organizations and corporate events.

On August 1, 2005, James was arrested and indicted as a result of a Federal investigation by the FBI. He was DEA-front-400hcharged with conspiracy to attempt to deliver and conspiracy to attempt to possess 50 – 150 kilos of cocaine & 2,000lbs of marijuana and was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 96 months in federal prison.

James lived a life that was consumed with abandonment, struggle, abuse and reckless behavior. He made decisions based off the environment that he was submersed in and identified his self worth with the circumstances and cards that he was dealt.

After 18 months of incarceration he realized that he had not known his true identity and made the decision to embrace the process of self-discovery, maturation & life purpose.


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