A Native of Clarksville, Tennessee, J.Renee is the daughter of the late Pastor Raliegh and Angela Jones. She is a widely sought after beauty industry professional, author, and speaker, and as currently serves as the president and CEO of ALL THINGS J.RENEE INC. She is passionate about developing others, and is very intentional and strategic about her pursuits. Inspiration, Transformation and Motivation are the three principles that guild and shape the essence of J.Renee.

While overcoming various life obstacles, she has defied the odds and risen above the expectations levied upon her byupgrade_book_cover_large circumstance. Consequently, she has made it her life mission to inspire others to be the best that they can be. As a celebrity-experienced hairstylist and makeup artist, her work as been seen in various national publications, to include Jet Magazine and Bride Today Magazine, on various television shows and networks, to include GMC, BET, and ABC, and live broadcasts and award shows, to include The CMA awards, as well as the Stellar Awards. Although J.Renee has what some may believe to be an impressive resume’, she is more so dedicated to aiding in the transformation of the “every day” woman, not just externally, but also internally. Such a desire has lead her to author her first book entitled “The Upgrade” which will be released in May of 2015.

As a businesswoman, she takes great pride in establishing a legacy of excellence so that generations to come will know the profound impact she has had on society. She is the owner of an online store, (Shop All Things J.Renee), an extension hairline, (The J.Renee Signature Hair Collection), and the founder of the Mind Your Business Workshop: an annual workshop that gives business owners hands on training and knowledge to take their businesses to the next level. As a motivator and mentor, she is the founder of the “I’m Every Woman Mentoring Program”, which is a program designed to help women understand their purpose, pursue their passion, and maximize their potential.

Last but not least, J.Renee is a prolific motivational and itinerate speaker that has stood before many audiences across the country, big and small. She has had the pleasure of sharing with countless community organizations, churches, colleges, and universities, to include Tennessee State University, Fisk University, and The University of Alabama at Huntsville.   She is particularly passionate about helping others understand their purpose, become everything that God created them to be, and live the life God ordained for them to live.

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