“Growing up, I was always told what I could do and what I wouldn’t be able to do based on my looks, personality, and my attitude. I was afraid to step out into the limelight, because I didn’t fit the mold of what society deemed as attractive and appealing. It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I learned to accept my flaws and just “Do Me”. Now I work with what God gave me and I make it look easy. I’m no longer going to accept the rules; I’m just going to make my own. If they love me great, if they hate me ok. Either way, I rather be who I am… A GaptoothDiva!”

– I’esha “GaptoothDiva” Hornes

I’esha Hornes also known as I’esha GaptoothDiva on the Internet, is a Motivational Speaker, Writer, Plus Size Model, Media Personality, and Vintage & Thrift Store Boutique Owner. Her passion for individual style, music, and entertainment led her into a career as a self-taught blogger and social media maven. Her goal is to be the “Baddest Creative Motivation” for all those interested in pursuing their dreams without fear of their past or what limit’s them currently.