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Dr. Gloria Bamberg-Merritt is originally from South Carolina but has lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 26 years with her husband of 27 years.  She has been self-employed as a hair designer for 26 years at Plethora of Designs/Plethora Cosmetics where she has developed her own haircare line.  She has also been a Clinical Therapist for 15 years where she has counseled families and adolescents.  Moreover, Dr. Bamberg-Merritt promotes Health Awareness for Families, through the program “Pink Ice”, informing the community to live a Healthy life style and get checked.  She has recently published a book “Burnout in Nurses, A Phenomenological Study”.  She has also been conducting research in the African-American community for the past 2 years on, “Historical Trauma in the African- American Culture”.   The second phase will begin in September 2015.  The study is to understand how trauma may have been passed on from generation to generation, in the African-American Community.

As a Researcher, Doctor, Motivator, Consultant and Author of two books, Dr. Bamberg-Merritt’s advice to everyone is to “Slow Down” and self- reflect.  Remember to tap into your Spiritual Being and begin understanding the M& M Approach, Your MIND and Your MOUTH.  What you Think and Say, So are you.

 The Book:

“An Abiding Relationship, The Relationship” A 150 Page Working Fellowship Journal was written in 3 hours.  The journal allows the reader to STOP and CHECK him or her-self.  The reader will literally have to be honest with one’s self, if they want a life changing experience. An Abundant Relationship allows for a better life journey.  It will allow you to get back to BASIC.  Because we have been “SO BUSY” our life is out of Balance.  When your life is out of order, your life will be out of balance. Life runs so much smoother when we begin our day with “The Abiding Relationship.”

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An Abiding Relationship: The Relationship. A 150 page Working Fellowship Journal