Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 6:30 pm EST – Dr. Christi Monk, Leadership and Development Coach

Dr. Christi Monk, an expert on the subject of workplace bullying, is a Leadership and Development Coach at Dr. Christi E. Monk, LLC and adjunct professor at University of Phoenix and Ultimate Medical Academy. Dr. Monk is passionate about training mid-level career women how to make the bold moves necessary to obtain their career goals. Her passion for seeing women tap into their core value system so they are more effective, confident, and influential contributors in all they do, led her to found The Workplace Leadership Institute and The Confidence Suite.

Dr. Monk understands how feelings of insecurity affect women in the workplace. She knows firsthand what happens when employees, particularly women, do not know how to vocalize their needs. After seeing too many people receive preference for leadership who were not ready for it, Dr. Monk realized the need to teach corporations that true leadership is based on action, not a given title. By adopting the principles taught in her training, companies find employees better suited for open positions and thus cut the costs they incur when they constantly re-hire for the same positions. By working through her 90-day purpose-finding program, individuals can find their voice, discover their purpose, set goals, and become more successful in life and in business.

In 2014, Dr. Monk published, Workplace Bullying—In Search of a Clearer Definition, which can be found through ProQuest. Dr. Monk’s definition of workplace bullying is the accepted definition in the field of leadership and development. By defining what workplace bullying looks like and how it fosters an unsafe or hostile work environment, Dr. Monk empowers women and companies to overcome bullying tactics so the workplace can be a place for all employees to flourish. The June 2015 issue of Essence Magazine recognized Dr. Monk as an expert on workplace bullying.

Dr. Monk received her Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership Studies from University of Phoenix in 2014 and her Masters in Management at Dallas Baptist University in 2008. She is a Certified Trainer for the Workplace Bullying and Mediation Training Institutes. She is also a Certified Life Purpose Coach and certified in Conflict Resolution, Workplace and Family Mediation. Dr. Monk is a member of National Association of Professional Women and Life Purpose Coaching Centers.

Dr. Monk now lives in Washington, DC. She believes in life-long learning and continuously seeks opportunities to both increase and share her knowledge in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

For more information on the individual and corporate training Dr. Monk and her associates offer, please visit the Dr. Christi E. Monk, LLC website at www.christimonk.com.