Author | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur | Joseph Wiltz
Joseph Wiltz is currently the president, founder and Spiritual motivational speaker of Greatness in Me. Through years of spiritual training, he is able to hear and see people’s hurts and pain. Mr. Wiltz, is married to Donna Wiltz. Together they have two sons and three daughters. He is proud to have released his first book.
ABOUT THE BOOK – A Slave to A System of Crime

There is a cycle of destruction that many African American suffer due to dis-functional upbringing, poverty, lack of518ue+9STYL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ education, and racism. Expect to be enlightened about the negative effects of injustice and the manner in which they are practiced. More importantly, this book will explore the solution to the problem. If applied, the solution will help prevent the destruction of black civilization. These hurting men will become better husbands and fathers. Therefore, breaking the cycle of self-destruction and the destruction of the black family.

This book details what occurs to individuals who endure mental and psychological abuse or trauma due to a broken justice system. It will enlighten those who have never been incarcerated, those who never suffered from poverty, those who are educated, as well as those who do not know how it feels to be treated different because of the color of your skin. This book will also help those who does not know or unaware of how the justice system have contributed to the high rate of incarceration and high rate of crime in the lives of black Americans and their communities. It will give a broader understanding to the reader regarding the reasons for the killings in black communities.
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