Marineka Kenney affectionately known as Lady K is the founder of M & Company. Servicing many needs from Etiquette Classes to Motivational Speaking. Marineka has certifications in Etiquette Coaching and Event Planning. Aside from her natural abilities, she has committed her life to building the whole you. By inspiring the mind, body and spirit to help you live a well-balanced life. Marineka loves empowering God’s people to embrace the fullness of the Word of God. Marineka Is a member of divine world changers international minister under the leadership of Pastor Derwin and Franswalla Hickman. Her motto is “If the Word of God said it, you can count on it”. God’s Word cannot and will not fail. Try It!

Book Synopsis:

Have you ever thought I am always so busy accomplishing things for everyone else? The words I need a minute to breathe or have you ever felt like I want to quit everything and just run away? These thoughts are in your mind for a reasons and the truth is you are not too far from a break down. It is time for you to stop everything and regather yourself. You, your physical health, your mental and emotional health is important. If you fail to take time for you, eventually you are going to fall apart. Whether that be spiritually or mentally, The Journey To A Better You 10 Day Devotional can help you gain your control back. It can help you get back on track to a healthy place in your mind, body and spirit. Remember God first, and you first.

​There is no second when it comes to you. Lady K