We Are The Saints!

In a world where art imitates life, where the picture that’s being painted, specifically by the music, is so distorted, one might ask the question: Is life imitating art? Today’s music seems to be in direct opposition with GOD. Will we ever see a change?

Here comes ‘We Are The Saints!, A group that’s standing in the gap for GOD. The Saints!; Omar “Brutha O”, and Aaron “A.B.” are on mission with GOD. “The mission is to evangelize the lost, edify the saints, entertain them all while we exalt The Savior”, says Brutha O.

They are two gifted artist with years of music industry experience. A.B., the founding member of the legendary Philadelphia hip hop crew Da Fat Cat Clique, has had a notable measure of success. Their single “Da Flow”, went #1 on WUSL Power 99’s Top 9 @ 9 Countdown. They also reached #9 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles (April 22, 2000 issue). During that same period of time, Brutha O was blazing a trail in a group called Da Nu Flava , that had him recognized as one of the best and most respected rappers in the Philadelphia area. He was involved in a record deal, and in the process of recording a c.d. when he heard The Lord calling him. Individually they’ve shared the stage with some of Hip Hop’s elite, like, RUN DMC, The Notorious BIG, Jay Z, L.L. Cool J., DMX, KRS ONE, The Roots, Missy Elliot and Timbaland. Together they share the stage with The Holy Spirit.

We Are The Saints! New album entitled Passion and Purpose is a musical exhibition expressing the mindset of two brothers that don’t want to just live for their passion (music) and miss their purpose (ministry), so they are fulfilling that purpose with pure passion. “We have been blessed with the opportunity to make music and fulfill The Great Commission” (Matt. 28:19-20), says A.B. Their music has a unique blend of infectious grooves, catchy hooks, powerful messages and lyrics that are second to none. You become engaged at first listen! When the love for GOD and a passion for music fuse together, this is the outcome! I am, he is, she is, you are, they are…We Are The Saints!

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