Speaker. Career Maximization Strategist. Coach.

Tonya N. Sloans, Esq. is an advocate for women in the marketplace who teaches women how to be power performers both as employees and entrepreneurs. With nearly 15 years of career success in the Washington, DC’s halls of power, Tonya has lived out the very formula she shares with women nationwide.

Driven by her own need to overcome underemployment, Tonya pours herself into developing tips, tools, and strategies that propel women towards maximizing career potential. This Wisconsin native is regularly sought after for career and business development advice everywhere she makes herself known. Whether performing corporate trainings for employers, speaking to groups of women, or crafting an individualized coaching program for a single person, Tonya’s bold and dynamic way of connecting with her audience leads to measurable results for her clients.

Even the media knew that Tonya would become an iconic business leader. In July 1997, Ebony magazine named Tonya a business leader and championed her commitment to bringing innovation to the corporate world. Thereafter, the self-confident businesswoman achieved feats as a federal law clerk, aggressive tax lawyer, and entrepreneur, among other titles.

As a proponent of education, Tonya insists that education is a key source of power. Tonya has proven her commitment to education by obtaining degrees from Georgetown University Law Center, Howard University School of Divinity, the University of Wisconsin Law School, and Xavier University of Louisiana in preparation to offer world-class service as an attorney, minister, and professor in various forums.

Polish. Poise. Power. These are the realities that precede Tonya when she walks into any corridor of the marketplace. She is indeed her own PowerWoman. Contact Tonya personally at tonya@iampowerwoman.com.

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