Tonya Breland | Speaker  –  Author – Leadership Trainer


Tonya is the CEO and Founder of Teach Educators & Scholars Organization as well as a highly respected National Milken Educator Award winning educational leader with a lifelong mission to make a difference in the lives of others. She is the Author of “Fight to Make it Happen” She is passionate about empowering and inspiring people to go after their dreams and live to their fullest potential.

Tonya has learned some powerful life lessons from her experiences as a professional in the Education, Small Business and nonprofit worlds. These lessons inform her decision- making and ability to mentor and help others in many sectors. She takes great joy in being able to transfer knowledge and impart wisdom that is practical, invaluable and life changing for her audiences.

Tonya has identified 6 major keys that remained true in and through her life. She calls these keys the “Six Make It Happen Power Principles”. She used them as a school Principal while taking the school off of the state’s list of Schools in Need of Improvement. She uses them as an Entrepreneur and she uses them in her personal life. She is excited about helping others use these same principles through her Professional Public Speaking, her “Make it Happen” Empowerment Calls, Mentoring Program, Power Program and Mastermind Groups.

Tonya’s brilliant storytelling and intelligent insight are woven together for an expectant audience looking to make major life and career changes. Tonya loves sharing the “Make It Happen” magic with audiences worldwide.

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