Since 2013, Tieshena Davis has been launching the careers of independent authors from her award-winning firm, Purposely Created Publishing Group. She speaks widely at public events, and specializes in helping writers create, package and monetize their content to achieve fast breakthroughs in Bookpreneurship.

Tieshena has become a trusted adviser to hundreds of authors through her writing, speaking and consulting. Combining her strategic management expertise with her compassion to help others realize their potential has made Tieshena a highly sought-after publisher and presenter. Her clients, peers and audiences value her mentor-style approach to helping them unlock their divine genius, while getting positioned for achievable success.

Recently recognized by as “2015 Best of the Best in Publishing”, and honored as one of DC’s 100 Metro Phenomenal Women, Tieshena Davis has proven to be a role model and maven in both personal and author development.