About the Author

Uncorked and unafraid, Terricinia St. Clair is breaking free from the corporate world of business, sales, and interior design, to reinvent herself as a wine blogger and professional writer. She currently hosts The Tipsy Sommerlier’s Life with Wine, a blog devoted to her affair with grapes. However, this mother of a lone teenager is far more than a wine connoisseur, stretching her talents to include a new book, a dream career, and a vision to bless relationships using truth and humor.

Hailing originally from Hampton, Virginia, Terricinia was born the youngest of four girls, and reared with the conviction that “the truth shall set you free”. In her debut novel, Conversing with the Elephant: 25 Things Our Girlfriends Don’t Have the Balls to Tell Us., she tackles tough issues affecting female friendships; including sex, sensitive secrets, handling men, petty squabbles, and more. Through her eyes and unique perspective see awkward situations unfold and melt away, while adopting honest, daily discourse. Terricinia believes friendships can, and will blossom amidst life’s experiences using this fresh approach. For now, be it known, no ‘elephant’ is safe, as Terricinia highlights social faux pas, and lifting relationships to heights of enduring appreciation.

Embracing her role as a mother, sister, and friend, this aspiring author is anxious to touch hearts…one perilous moment at a time. Who knows what the future will hold for such an adventurous soul, but a circle of friends, a glass of wine, and peaceful harmony can’t be that far away…follow her and see.