Darlington native David E. Lucas isn’t your typical teenager. He’s been preaching since age 13. He started a charitable organization at age 15. And now at age 18 he has published his first book. “It’s Dark But I can Still See The Light” is a motivational book that aims to encourage teens to pursue success no matter what challenges they may face.

“I hope my new book impacts the way young people think about life. I hope also whoever reads this book reaches a special level in their relationship with God”In his book, the Darlington High School student shares his pursuit of success, even while overcoming a learning disability. “The word success is a word that many people use but don’t know the true meaning of. The word success means making the best of a situation or not giving up when things get rough. When someone gets up every day with a smile on their face- even when they have a troubled home life- to go to school and goes home every night to chaos but still does their homework, that is success. Don’t forget that everyone has problems, but it is what you do with that problem that makes a world of difference,” Lucas writes in the book.