What do you do when in spite of how well you have planned, life throws significant challenges and situations that 13097_1532400660355026_2283198436705199230_nare all designed to make you crumble? Do you topple and succumb to what is presented or determine in your mind that you will stand on top of the stones thrown your way and emerge even better than before? Devastated But Not Destroyed, masterfully penned by Jessica L. Jones, answers these questions for you.

Devastated But Not Destroyed is a divine interruption for those who may be headed towards destruction. It will jolt your faith, sustain your strength, and change your perspective from one of pity and pain to that of power. Discover how to master the moments of your life, pack up the pity party for good, and embrace the challenge of change. Everyone at some point will experience devastation, and this book serves as the go-to guide to rediscover the tenacity and fortitude necessary to avoid the pitfalls of destruction. It is a must read for everyone for ages to come.

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