The White Box Club Handbook—appropriately named after the daunting white boxes many employees receive to “pack up their things”—was written to provide hope, encouragement, and inspiration to anyone laid off, unemployed, or in career transition. Join life transition coach Michael Thomas Sunnarborg as he shares stories, simple tools, and exercises designed to help you know yourself, clarify your direction, and align yourself to your ideal career.

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Michael Thomas Sunnarborg is a professional speaker, best-selling author, and life transition coach. He’s spent his life living in different parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. To stimulate his creative flow, Michael is also a professional photographer for which he has won several awards. In addition to his line of best-selling books, Michael’s travelblogs and photo galleries have been followed by thousands of readers worldwide, including photos licensed and sold by National Geographic.

Michael currently resides in Minnesota and enjoys traveling to new destinations, having quality conversations over good coffee, and eating peanut butter—but not necessarily in that order. You can reach Michael by the Contact page, or




“Michael is a unique and electrifying individual who brings a refreshing approach to the corporate world. He has figured out how to balance life, work, and spirituality, and can convey that to others in such a way that after a brief conversation with him one also feels more balanced. Michael is making a difference in this fast-paced, complicated world. By interacting with him you’ll be inspired to do the same.”Bob Manning, CEO, Global Perspective