“One Last Hurrah” Making Peace & a Difference

A pro wrestler loses his family and is told in the hospital that he may not live through his next match. He’s alone, but then finds the cross. Years later, he and his wife find that their son has an unknown blood disorder while Mark suffers from irreversible brain damage due to wrestling. Yet, against the odds, each time a person is lead to Christ, there’s VICTORY !

“One Last Hurrah” allows the reader to experience a story of inspiration and inject their own experiences, so that the reader documents their own life story. With all Mark and Brenda have endured, they found peace and making a difference as their purpose in life.

Mark’s life will help others understand that doors (opportunities) are opening in lives while others close. This book will relate with those familiar with abuse, divorce, depression, foster parents, foster children and those coping with loss. Have them come share it live with your group or church.

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