Educator | Author | Life & Empowerment Coach | Motivational Speaker

Linda F. Williams won’t try to hide it; she has been the victim of rape, severe physical abuse and spent almost two decades married to a man who would later turn out to be a sex offender. This unfathomable adversity could have driven Williams to give up hope, but she instead chose to do what few would even dare – reverse the fake and destructive “scripts” in her mind, a move that transformed her into an esteemed psychotherapist, life coach and relationship expert.

Williams also formed the Whose Apple Empowerment Center, with the sole mandate of helping others overcome their struggles and change their lives for the better. To reach as wide a net as possible, Williams has recently released her debut and compelling self-help book, ‘Whose Apple is it, Anyway!: Empowering Purpose to Achieve your God-Ordained Destiny.’

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