Kenneth Walker is an amazing young artist. He is a singer, composer, entrepreneur, visionary, husband, father, and most importantly he is an anointed man of God.

He expressed that his mission is to bring a fresh, unique talent and presence to the music world which will bring souls to Christ.

Born and raised in Rochester, New York in 1975 to the proud parents of William Walker Sr. and Gloria Walker, he had the privilege of growing up with deep roots in both church and family with his two brothers and one sister. Music was introduced to Kenneth at the young age of 3 years old. He remembers his father gathering all his siblings together to practice the latest gospel songs. It was obvious that Kenny had a gifted voice. He started having solos at Full Gospel Tabernacle at age 5. “I tell it everywhere I go” is his first solo song. Ever since then music and singing for the kingdom of God has been an urgent passion in his heart.

In 1993 Kenneth Walker graduated from the School of the Art in Rochester, New York. He represented his school through his voice and received many awards that acknowledge his gift. Composing songs is one of his many gifts that he has blessed the body of Christ. He wrote his first song “Come to the Lord” at a young age of 17 which brought a lot of attention to the community choir of Rochester. They loved this anointed song so much that many souls came to Christ. Throughout the years Kenneth has been inspired toward a solo career in music by singing and composing many love songs to the Lord. He overcame a pocket full of life’s challenges during his journey, which he birthed the project “Embrace your Worship”. Each song has its own flavor from contemporary Gospel to Reggae which will easily help you enter into amazing worship.