Richmond Actor Explores Multi-Faceted Career in the Entertainment Industry

Jazelle Foster grew up in Richmond, studying acting at VA Henrico High School CFA and performing with such local companies as the Henrico Theatre and a stint touring with Theater IV. These local jobs provided Foster with the opportunity to save the money it took to move to New York City to further pursue her goals.

In New York, she has booked several high profile jobs including seven episodes of the hit ABC Primetime show “What Would You Do?” and Investigation Discovery’s “True Crime” airing May 4. In a full circle moment, Foster recently completed principal photography on her co-starring role in God’s Compass in conjunction with Liberty University in Lynchburg.

While on a recent trip to Richmond to help her mother celebrate her 50th birthday, Jazelle received a phone call informing her that her Brooklyn apartment had been damaged in a fire. With her apartment now unlivable, she faced an uncertain return to New York. Turning to friends and family in Richmond, they came through with tremendous emotional and financial support. This allowed Jazelle to return to New York and continue the pursuit of her dreams.

Navigating this business continues to inform other parts of Foster’s life. Realizing how important it is to take care of yourself first and work to maintain control over how you exist in the world revealed parallels between Foster’s career and any business one might choose to pursue. As a result, Jazelle began self-esteem workshops with young women in Richmond. She has also begun teaching these workshops in New York. In an effort to find that balance between the entertainment industry and her passion for helping others realize their potential and empower them to tap into their own self-esteem, an idea was born.

Jazelle recently created to help her reach women of all ages. “I believe women are powerful and nurturing beings that waste all that power and nurture on everyone but ourselves. We need to turn that forceful love on ourselves and as a result we will heighten our living and life by design and not result.”

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