Evangelist Sheria Stallings

Cheerleader for Christ, Int’l Speaker, National Conference Leader, Cancer Survivor, Teacher, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Loyal Friend & Confidant 

Sheria is an energetic and enthusiastic individual who loves to encourage others with hope and truth.  She is passionate about intimacy with God and inspiring others to fulfill their destinies. She is a dynamic teacher and motivating leader.  Sheria has a powerful testimony of God’s healing power and has endured many changes and challenges; moving her to a deep faith, trust and dependence on God.

She has been retained as a Thought Leader and Business Strategist for several organizations traveling, teaching and proclaiming God’s goodness both nationally and internationally.

She currently conducts small business workshops at Hostos Community College, Columbia University, Harlem State Building and Wall Street Bank of Mellon.  Sheria can be found working diligently with the Young Women Christian Council in which she serves as the District Chairperson for 15 churches.  Sheria served on the Strategic Team of the National Association of Female Executives and Entrepreneurs which boast over 70,000 members and has been elected as the President for the UtiliVoice Toastmasters & an Area Governor; whose goal is to develop competent leaders and communicators.

Today you will find Sheria in ministry serving side by side with her husband, Elder Charles Stallings, for over 21 years and being a mother to their children.  She can be found working in all facets of women ministry, she is the Founder & Managing Director of She Soars (one of the fastest growing women professional and entrepreneurial connections), Cast Your Pearls Philanthropic Benefit (which honors cancer survivors and extraordinary caregivers) and She Soars Above Youth (empowering youth to become intentional about the choices they make and the relationships they build).

One of Sheria’s favorite quotes is…”She is a Cheerleader for Christ”.  Sheria is naturally optimistic.  She is a lover of people, an encourager and supporter.