Bestselling Author | Inspirational Speaker | Poet
“I have come to realize that without God I am nothing. My life in this world is meaningless, if I
don’t have the presence of my Heavenly Father actively working in my life. I submit to God as I
submit to my Husband, who is an amazing man I love more and more each day.”

There is absolutely no one on Earth like her God!! His faithfulness and love towards her can
never be broken; for it is not of His nature to break promises. Author and Poet, Dyonteniece P.
Rice, uses her words to capture life’s most tender and treasured moments which are oftentimes
overlooked and ignored. She writes to free the introverted cries for love, acceptance and thriving
relationships. This God-inspired gift of poetry is designed to cleanse, comfort and cheer the soul
of each individual. Individuals will come to know that the life that they desire is within reach of
their fingertips.

Having faced many trials and heartaches in her life, Dyonteniece is thankful that the Lord has
delivered her from them all. God created a way of escape for Dyonteniece and she believes He
will create a way of escape for you too. Knowing this, she firmly believes God is using her to
proclaim liberty to captives and to satisfy the afflicted souls as mentioned in Luke 4:18 and
Isaiah 58:10. Dyonteniece P. Rice is an inspirational speaker with a mission to empower women
in being confident and walking in their purpose.

Dyonteniece and her husband reside in the state of Texas with their two pet fish. They both are
active members of Word of Restoration International Church in Rosharon, Texas under the
leadership of Dr. Charles E. Perry Jr. When she is not writing she loves exercising, making green
smoothies, playing with animals and DIY projects.

Dyonteniece is also Bestselling author of Real Poetry | Raw Passion Open Heart Surgery.