Ayoka Boyce, who is known as Nikki P. Serene, is an Urban Christian-Fiction and Christian Non-Fiction Author.

When Ayoka started writing, she followed the number one rule, ‘write about what you know’. Raised in the church, she developed her storyline and characters in church settings. She embraced her creative side and penned Forsaking All Others (2015) and Forsaking All Others, To Have and To Hold (2015). While pushing limits in combining Urban and Christian styles, she focused on raising awareness of drug, sexual and mental abuse. She believes in pushing the limits all while sticking to her one rule, no cursing. She anticipates finishing the next chapter of the Forsaking All Others series in summer 2016. Ayoka has now journeyed over to the non–fiction side of Christian writing. She recently released her first nonfiction work – A Love Conversation.

She is also in production of, Love 365A Devotional, a compilation of scriptures and daily devotions about love. An avid Bible reader who has always enjoyed Bible study, Ayoka turned to the Bible when she was experiencing a period of heartache. As the Word began to break down the emotional walls that she built around her heart, she started to pen the devotional, using the central theme, ‘it is okay to love’.

Ayoka has always served as a mentor. She spent many years as a youth leader within the local church as well as a recognized Student Mentor in college. When the parents and students in church asked for writing help to pass standardized state testing, she founded All Write RVA, a writing mentoring service that pairs writers of all genres and levels with experienced writers. Ayoka  is a summa cumlaude graduate of Metropolitan College of New York with Bachelors of Professional Studies and Masters of Public Administration degrees in Human Services. A lifelong a New Yorker, Ayoka now resides in Richmond, Virginia.

Purchase A Love Conversation – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HY57W72/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_233JxbV8GQ0AR

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