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Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant is living her divine calling to LEAD, TEACH and INSPIRE! Described as “God’s Designer Original,” she ignites her audiences with her captivating smile, intoxicating humor and boundless energy. For the past 20 years, Dr. Stacie has been a highly sought after inspirational speaker, human relations expert, trainer, life coach and mistress-of-ceremonies. The strategic focus of Dr. Grant’s empowerment platform is executed through her Destiny Designers University(r), “A CLASSROOM WITHOUT BORDERS; WHERE WE GRADUATE TO THE NEXT BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES BY TURNING INSPIRATION INTO RESULTS!” This multi-media platform provides training in the areas Life Skills, Personal Growth, Leadership and Presentation Skills; with a focus on a work readiness and an entrepreneur success curriculum. As a result of the training received, this community of Destiny Designers(r) create behavioral shifts in their productivity! Results are measured through their ability to identify and purge the distractions in their lives so they can use what God has already given them to take immediate ACTION on their goals and dreams. Additionally, her Destiny Designers Teen Empowerment Series(r) provides soft skills and life skills training for High School Scholars that will cultivate, independent critical thinking, positive self-esteem, clear and concise communication skills and a sense of community.

Dr. Stacie NC Grant, has touched many hearts and souls through her captivating keynotes, world-renowned speeches, and life-coaching sessions. Her newest and most exciting venture yet, ACTION ACTION DESPITE THE DISTRACTION, delivers a life-changing message to empower “faithpreneurs” on their journey to live out their calling. Dr. Grant addresses the 7 most prevalent distractions that challenge our ability to achieve our goals and live our dreams: lack of belief, procrastination, disorganization / lack of focus, toxic people, fear, ego and selfishness. Anyone who seeks divine inspiration MUST purchase and read this timely piece as it provides “7 Life Lessons to Thrive & Live Your Destiny Now!”
Below is an excerpt from the book:

Someone very wise once said, “Life is God’s Gift to us and what we do with our life is our gift to God.” Throughout my life’s journey, I have worked hard to show appreciation for such a gift. The reality is that it has not always been easy. I have made numerous mistakes, celebrated many triumphs, and climbed out of multiple valleys. Actually, my story is probably no different from yours. On this journey called life, none of us are exempt from the many distractions that can get in the way of living the life God intended for us. The lesson for me was learning these distractions are necessary pieces of our legacy, cleverly disguised as permanent disruptions. These distractions are merely life lessons that take the form of “temporary inconveniences” which bring opportunities to grow to the next best version of ourselves! As I was having this discussion with one of my friends while preparing for an event, God placed the following words in my spirit “ACTION ACTION… DESPITE THE DISTRACTION!!” This has become my personal battle cry. Each time I share it from the stage, it resonates with the audience and I hope it does with you also. If I had quit when facing the various distractions of my life, we wouldn’t be connected now.