Marcia Bennett, the Millennial Game Changer, challenges us to course correct in life as many times as you need. Marcia started her professional career as a High School History teacher. In this position, she discovered her unique ability to connect, engage, and inspire young people. Through her professional experiences as a higher education analyst and project manager, Marcia developed exceptional organizational and productivity habits. She then transitioned into the field of entrepreneurship to apply her teaching and training skills for high performing professionals.

Now Marcia works closely with high-achieving professionals to assist them in achieving the results they want in life. Her approach is innovative, creative, and thought-provoking. Marcia continues to explore personal and professional development opportunities. She recently established Bennett Business Solutions as a firm providing leaders with the required skills they need to excel in their career/business. Marcia is currently in the final stages of obtaining a PhD. She emphasizes that “An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest.”

Marcia fuels her passion for learning and teaching to inspire others to not only acquire knowledge but apply knowledge to demonstrate their talents and unique abilities. Marcia embodies the spirit of resiliency- demonstrating that the ultimate challenge we face is not succeeding, but rising to the top when it seems impossible.  Her unique ability to “show you the big picture” and guide you through the process allows individuals to collaborate and progress at the same time. She emphasizes that life is a game; but you must know the rules. If you do not know the rules of engagement, you simply cannot win. Marcia wants individuals to know that when you know your why, and you have what you need to transform your life, you will win.