La Tanya M. Arnold, M.Sc., is a life changer and creator of opportunities by providing an extra hand to move mountains one stone at a time. She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of 4 male members of her family on her mother side, been raped twice in her 39 years on this earth once by gunpoint and the other by knife point.  If that wasn’t enough, she is also a domestic violence survivor from three separate relationships.

As a native of Boston, MA. She has a particular zeal and interest in the area of women empowerment & encouraging women to become the best that they can be in all areas of their lives and discovering their GOD given purpose on this earth.

Two of the mottos that La Tanya M. Arnold lives by are: Avoiding the mountain won’t get you to the other side as well as the glass is always half full, therefore, she is able to build consensus through collaboration. The epiphany has been realizing that avoiding mountains won’t get you to the other side, only moving them will. She has changed her outlook on life, by viewing obstacles as opportunities to create new methods.

As an abuse survivor she has been healed and delivered from her past of guilt, shame and fear!

She turned her family’s legacy of childhood sexual abuse into a book titled “Victory Over Shame: Only with the Lord on my side.” It will be available  2015.

La Tanya is living her calling to help other survivors move from victim to victorious.  She wants to use her testimony of how good God is to help others get through their stormy seasons.  At the end you will witness the miracles and wonders of Victory Over Shame if you have the faith to persevere through the valleys of obstacles.

Letting go and letting God!

Now that’s La Tanya’s testimony. Now what is yours?

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