Monday, June 29th – Excited to facilitate a seminar for the Beyond Agile Writers of Richmond, VA. Check out my topic below!

Using Social Media To Promote Your Brand and Your Books!

Social Media has become the great equalizer. Readers are no longer exposed to just the New York Times best sellers but every Author has the opportunity to connect with readers interested in their writing and stories. Readers are looking for new books and authors and they often go to Social Media for that next summer read. In addition, readers expect to interact with and follow authors on Social Media. Guess what, that means you need to be on Social Media and activity. This session will discuss the power of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will discuss key marketing strategies and tips that authors and writers can use to build their brand, meet and interact with readers and sell more books! The session is geared toward writers/authors that have not published a book yet, authors with a new book release and authors with several published books.